Inspecting returns and preparing items for resale

Coshipper Returns is a reliable and seasoned returns service provider. Our dedicated team handles the receipt, inspection, storage, and restoration of your returned products to ensure they are in resellable condition for optimal recovery through repackaging, reselling, or refurbishing. Our tailored user portal provides a real-time view of your inventory, enhancing transparency and control over the returns process.

Proactive Approaches to Handle eCommerce Returns

Returns are a natural part of the retail process, and at Motivational, we understand the importance of swift and straightforward return processing to guarantee a hassle-free experience for your customers. Our efficient system ensures quick resolution, and beyond that, we go the extra mile by inspecting returned products. Whether it’s repackaging, refurbishing, or returning items to stock, we tailor our approach to meet your specific requirements.

Commencing the Procedure

The commencement of the returns process begins with customer support, often outsourcing warranty management and product support responsibilities.

deciding the outcome

Triage options encompass various paths, such as repairing and returning to the user, returning to stock with no identified issues, repairing and refurbishing, or sending the item to salvage.


The requirements for the returns process differ depending on the product category, often requiring certifications, authentication, specialized testing equipment, and trained personnel.


The responsibility for executing this task can be assigned to either the repair facility or the reseller in accordance with the contractual agreement. This may involve the use of specialized equipment, including labeling processes.


Various channels cater to the secondary market, serving B2C, B2B, Brick & Mortar, and e-commerce outlets. Primary vendors may also engage in reselling refurbished goods.


At the end of its lifecycle, an asset can either be harvested or repurposed, with the potential for significant salvage value. Certain products, such as cell phones.


The primary industry goal is to eliminate the reliance on landfills. Certain manufacturers claim that landfill utilization accounts for as little as 1% of the product weight. Recycling initiatives often include methods such as shredding or other processing techniques.

D2C Fulfillment That Really Delivers

From eCommerce to DRTV to POP Sales, we support all your direct-to-consumer channels.

The assurance we provide

We have unwavering confidence in our ability to assist you in handling returns, a confidence born from testing and validating our model on the most challenging client: ourselves. Our internal return management system has successfully transformed our business into a more efficient and profitable organization. By choosing us, you can expect the following guarantees:

  • Your warehouse will gain more useful space as returns are efficiently cleared out.
  • Your team will redirect their efforts towards more value-adding tasks, minimizing resource wastage on return-related activities.
  • You will recover revenue through the resale of products that would otherwise be discarded and written off.

How we work with you


Forward the collection of returned items—whether used, opened, or damaged—to us. Alternatively, provide your customers with the option to ship unwanted items directly to our facility.

Pause, and refocus on excelling at your core business activities. Allow our skilled team to handle the rest. Upon receiving your items, we leverage our expertise and proprietary software to create profiles, enabling you to track the status of each item whenever you need.

We meticulously inspect and assess each item for both visual and functional defects. After identifying any required adjustments or upgrades to enhance its market value, we proceed to repackage the item before offering it for resale to a new buyer.

Cheer up! It's our priority to resell your returns at the highest possible price, ensuring you can relax and enjoy maximum profits without the associated hassles.

Tailored Solutions for You and Your Customers

Our lasting client relationships are founded on transparency and accountability. Starting with our initial discussion, anticipate a customized cost analysis and plan crafted to suit your requirements. You’ll be introduced to your dedicated fulfillment team, ranging from executives to warehouse staff, ensuring continuous accessibility for any inquiries.


Tap into additional support from our skilled customer service team, capable of addressing your post-sales service requirements. Our agents, available via phone, email, and live chat, undergo two weeks of brand-specific training related to your company and products, ensuring outstanding support for your customers.


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