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Coshipper is an Amazon Global Solutions Provider in Logistics 

Freight Prices Estimator *


Ocean Freight

Air Freight


  • Train + UPS

  • $ 2.20per KG
  • 22-26 days 
  • Slow ocean ship + UPS

  • $ 1.56per KG
  • 28-30 days 
  • Slow ocean ship + Truck

  • $ 142.19 Per CMB
  • 30-40 days 
  • Air + UPS

  • $ 4.50per KG
  • 7-12 days 

*This Freight Price Estimator does not reflect current shipping environments or freight charges: Freight rates change daily, weekly and monthly depending on the fuel cost or the shipping company or airline – as well as different peak seasons and times throughout the year. So when using this price display, Coshipper chooses to show an average price, during standard times, for standard products, to standard destinations. When you request a live quote, prices may be cheaper/expensive than the price displayed, due of your product specifications, channels, and present time shipping environments. So this freight estimator is for reference only.


Coshipper Freight Advantage

Specifically for small and medium sellers

Dedicated logistics services for Amazon medium and small sellers

Door to door

Free pick-up at warehouse, no need to worry about inland transportation in China

Customs clearance

Provide customs clearance service with inspection rate as low as 0%

Amazon Global Solutions Provider in Logistics

Every seller can find the Coshipper in the Amazon seller's background.

FBA Expert

Coshipper can answer almost any of your questions about running Amazon

10 years experience

Coshipper has this more than 10 years of Amazon experience