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Global Logistics can be expensive, with hidden fees, regulations, and blockages adding to the challenges. Coshipper assists you in strategically managing your supply chain and logistics to ensure optimized inventory to uphold stellar Seller reputations. 

Address your Amazon FBA shipping challenges with Coshipper's comprehensive and hassle-free Amazon shipping routes

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Coshipper is FBA Sellers’ #1 China listed Logistics Freight Service Provider within Amazon’s Global Solution Provider Network

Servicing Sellers in CA, US, UK, EU, JP, BR, UAE Marketplaces

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Looking to effortlessly transport your products from China to the Amazon warehouse?

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End-to-End Service

Recognizing the crucial need for timely deliveries to the Amazon warehouse, we will collaborate with your suppliers to organize pick-ups, manage all essential customs clearance requirements, and ensure the direct delivery of your goods to the Amazon warehouse.

Efficient Time and Cost Management

The process of managing your suppliers in China can be time-intensive. By entrusting us with your preparation and logistical processes, you not only save valuable time but also benefit from the lower labor costs in China, resulting in reduced preparation expenses compared to your local market.

Clear and Transparent Pricing

Similar to your commitment to honest and transparent business dealings, we take pride in providing clear communication. We not only strive to offer competitive quotes for your Amazon freight forwarding requirements but also proactively anticipate and communicate any costs associated with your unique situation upfront.

Adaptable Supplementary Services

Our proactive team will walk you through a straightforward and comprehensive process, covering everything from express services and FNSKU labeling to storage and repacking. Beyond the standard Amazon FBA transportation service, we can handle all additional FBA-related services for your convenience.

Amazon Freight Forwarding Solutions

Collaborate with FBA Sellers

Collaborate with FBA Sellers Our customized solutions are designed to meet the distinct requirements of smaller sellers, empowering them to unlock their full potential and thrive on the Amazon platform.

Product Preparation

We assist you in readying your products for shipment, providing guidance on packaging, labeling, and documentation requirements to ensure timely arrivals at their destination.

Cargo Collection

Send us your goods from suppliers, or if your suppliers' warehouses are in Shenzhen or Dongguan, take advantage of our complimentary pickup services, eliminating the need for you to worry about the details.

Inspection and Repackaging

Upon arrival at our warehouse, all packages undergo thorough inspection for damages or missing items. If needed, we can repackage your products to ensure they are securely protected during transit.

Complimentary Storage

Benefit from up to 14 days of free storage at our warehouse, aiding you in inventory management and reducing storage costs.

Kitting Services

Let us assist you in creating product bundles for sale on Amazon, enhancing your sales potential and overall profitability.

Empower yourself with full authority over your FBA Prep service

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How the Process Works

Effortlessly Transport
Your Amazon Goods from China to Anywhere

Shipping from China to the Amazon FBA warehouse doesn’t have to be so complicated! Our dedicated account managers will see that your order is handled promptly and precisely, from inspection and pickup to FBA and shipping. 


Our promise? No hidden or surprise fees, and no need to worry about customs or Amazon requirements.

Collect Your Inventory

We will gather your inventory from any location in China. For suppliers situated in Shenzhen or Dongguan, the pick-up service is complimentary. Once you provide your supplier's contact details, we handle all coordination with them.

Manage Preparation

Our skilled team collaborates with your manufacturer to ensure everything is executed accurately from the start. If necessary, we offer comprehensive support for preparing your products to meet Amazon's requirements, covering labeling, bundling, and repacking. Any special requests? Just inform us!

Deliver to Amazon

We transport your inventory directly to the Amazon Warehouse. Whether by air or sea, we select the cargo service that best aligns with your specific requirements. From customs clearances to taxes, we handle it all. Additionally, we can split shipments for optimal delivery, ensuring cost efficiency and prompt product arrivals.

coshipper facilitates quicker, more cost-effective, secure, and streamlined shipping to Amazon FBA

Attention FBA Sellers! Secure the Top FBA Forwarding Service Here

As your FBA forwarding service, coshipper guarantees the timely and pristine delivery of your goods to Amazon’s warehouse. Our specialized services are crafted to meet the unique requirements of our clients, aiming to optimize efficiency. We offer comprehensive support, including advice on packaging, labeling, documentation requirements, cargo insurance, and customs clearance.

Reasons Why coshipper Forwarding is

Efficient Transportation Tracking

Our cutting-edge tracking system monitors your shipment's progress in real-time, providing continuous updates for enhanced security. Our proactive team addresses any issues promptly to ensure a timely and secure delivery.

Punctuality Assurance

We take pride in adhering to scheduled delivery times and keeping you well-informed of any unexpected issues or delays that may arise. Rely on us to deliver your products punctually, with ample time to spare.

Strategic Freight Charge Negotiation

Recognizing the significance of minimizing shipping costs, we utilize our industry expertise to negotiate competitive freight charges. This ensures that you save on shipping expenses without compromising on quality.

Revolutionizing Amazon FBA Freight Forwarding from China

We are reshaping the landscape of Amazon forwarding services by prioritizing sellers’ needs. Coshipper stands as an all-encompassing solution for Amazon sellers seeking cost and time savings through the outsourcing of shipping services to China. Our comprehensive services include inspection, preparation, and freight forwarding, covering both China and the United States.

Beyond assisting FBA sellers in inspecting, preparing, and shipping products in China—a seamless door-to-door service from Chinese suppliers to Amazon’s warehouses in the U.S. and Europe—we consistently prioritize the best interests of our clients. Our mission is straightforward: to deliver unmatched customer service on every occasion.

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