How To Remove Negative Feedback On Amazon

Research on the customer experience shows that a negative review can repel 22% of potential customers considering buying your product.


When customers consider buying a product and want to see what quality to expect when purchasing your product, they turn to the reviews. This is why it is vital to ensure that no negative reviews on your product pages will drive Amazon sales down.


So, how do you get rid of negative reviews?


If you do get a negative review, there is no need for concern. You can quickly rectify the issue by removing the negative feedback and avoiding losing customers.


This guide will show you how to remove feedback on Amazon and create a better customer experience to protect your seller performance rating.

How To Remove Feedback On Amazon

Negative feedback can compromise the overall trust in your brand. It is necessary to act quickly and remove negative feedback to improve the overall feedback score of your brand.


Some of the ways you can remove feedback on Amazon that could hurt your brand involve checking for violations of Amazon’s guidelines and learning how to resolve issues and complaints with customers effectively. Keep reading for more information.


How To Remove Negative Feedback On Amazon

Check If The Seller Feedback Violates Amazon’s Guidelines

One way you can remove bad feedback to protect your account health is to check if the review violates Amazon’s guidelines for feedback. You can have the review removed if it contains:


  • Abusive or offensive language. If the review contains abusive or offensive language, Amazon will take it down. No circumstance warrants the use of abusive language, no matter how dissatisfied the customer is with your product. In the unfortunate instance that you receive a review containing abusive or offensive language, Amazon will help you get it swiftly removed.
  • Personal information. Also known as ‘doxing,’ the revealing of personal information such as phone numbers and addresses violates users’ privacy on the Amazon platform. Amazon will remove feedback containing private information.
  • Promotional content. If someone leaves a negative review while promoting another product, you have the right to ask Amazon to take this down. This is inappropriate and involves the misuse of your seller platform to promote another brand.
  • Product reviews. Product reviews should only be on the product page, and so if someone is posting a negative product review on your seller feedback section, you can get this taken down. This guideline for feedback can protect sellers from having the same negative review on two pages of their seller platform.



If you are an Amazon FBA seller and your product is delivered to the customer broken or damaged, which is Amazon’s fault, they will take down the negative review you receive from this incident.


If your negative feedback contains one of these violations of Amazon’s feedback guidelines, you can have it removed by contacting Amazon. Simply send a feedback removal request to seller support staff and wait for Amazon to approve it.

Send The Customer A Feedback Removal Request

If the review does not violate any of Amazon’s guidelines for feedback, online sellers can contact the customer directly to request removal while improving the customer experience by showing regret.


You should always be polite when you contact dissatisfied customers, as you represent your brand, and should not want to alienate the buyer further.


There are several techniques you can use to change the buyer’s mind about you as a seller and take the review down:


  • Apologize – you will need to start your message to the buyer off with an apology. You are bound to be just as disappointed that they weren’t pleased with your product, and you should express this in your message to them.
  • Present an offer – if you want to improve the buyer’s opinion of your brand, the best thing you can do is to offer them a compensatory gift for their trouble. A voucher is a good option. You could also send them a gift that gives them a chance to look at other products you have on offer, improving their view of your quality as a seller and creating a good lasting impression.
  • Replace the item for free – if the item they receive is not on par with the usual quality of your items, if it doesn’t work or there has been an issue with the manufacturing, it will help to send them a replacement of the item. If you rectify the problem, they will be more amenable to taking their negative review down.


Remember, your message to the disappointed customer should have a kind and apologetic, problem-solving tone. If you are rude, threatening, or intimidating in your message to the customer, this will only exacerbate the situation and create an even worse impression of you as a seller.


You can contact the customers that have left you a negative review by going onto the feedback page and selecting the yellow contact customer button.


This will take you to the Resolving Negative Feedback page. You can contact the dissatisfied customer using the contact customer button and selecting a topic from the drop-down menu. You can attach documents or pictures here to help you argue your case, or you can send voucher codes.

Respond To The Negative Feedback

If there is no way you can remove the negative feedback, you can control the impact of your feedback rating by responding to the bad feedback.


Your response should include an apology or expression of regret that your product wasn’t to the customer’s satisfaction, followed by a promise to rectify the issue by improving the quality of your items, replacing the defective item, or offering a gift of compensation.


This way, when someone reads the negative review, they will also see how much your brand cares about customer satisfaction.


Your response should never be condescending or rude. Remember, the customer is always right! Customers are what makes your Amazon FBA business profitable, they are the source of your income, and you should remember this when dealing with feedback to protect yourself from further negative ratings.

How To Avoid Negative Feedback On Your Seller Account

The simplest, most straightforward way to remove negative feedback on Amazon is to avoid getting it in the first place.


How To Remove Negative Feedback On Amazon


If you can take preventative measures to avoid negative feedback, you will not have to remove the poor review, and you will be taking steps to enhance the quality of your brand. You could also encourage positive feedback in the process!

Advertise The Quality Of Your Products Accurately

If you are selling second-hand items on Amazon, do not advertise them to be in pristine condition if they are not. Your buyers will only be disappointed when they receive a well-used item nowhere near the quality they were expecting.


So, when you are listing your products, it’s better to be humble about their condition. If you wouldn’t consider it to be in perfect condition, don’t list it that way. If your buyer is expecting something well-worn and get better quality than they were expecting, they will be very impressed.


Your perception of acceptable conditions will not be the same as other sellers or customers, so be very strict with your judgments to avoid negative feedback.

Be A Responsive Seller

How To Remove Negative Feedback On Amazon


As an Amazon seller, you should constantly be monitoring your inbox to ensure your replies are swift and that you get your orders shipped out promptly. This way, you may get more positive ratings when customers do write product reviews.


If you respond to inquiries and ship items quickly, you will create a good impression of your seller account. One of the common issues people have with a brand is due to a delayed or undelivered order or the quality of the product.

You need to opt for a shipping service that prioritizes speed and can help you to optimize your delivery times even if you are shipping from overseas.


Coshipper can offer you faster shipping at lower rates to provide your customers with a positive delivery experience. They use the fastest routes to get products from China to Amazon FBA warehouses in under 16 days. This means that you can restock items in FBA warehouses quickly to ensure you never run out of stock and respond to orders effectively.


If customers feel like an FBA seller is eager to answer their questions and desires to get the product to the customer quickly, they will be happier with the customer service and less likely to leave a poor review.

Evaluate Your Products

If you receive negative feedback about your products or want to avoid negative reviews, you should evaluate your products.


Is this something you would buy? Would you be content with the quality of this product? If you haven’t used your product, now is an excellent time to understand how good your product is.


If you find that you are dissatisfied with an element of the product or can see room for improvement, you should get in touch with your supplier to see what they can do or switch suppliers.


Understandably, poor-quality products will generate negative reviews for a seller, so really put yourself into the customer’s shoes and gain an accurate perspective of the quality you are offering.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Remove Negative Feedback On Amazon?

There are two main ways you can go about removing negative feedback on Amazon:


  • Checking if the review violated Amazon’s feedback guidelines – you can get negative feedback removed if it violates Amazon’s feedback guidelines by selecting the remove button and writing how the review doesn’t comply with the guidelines. If the feedback contains abusive language, is a product review on your seller page, or promotes another product, it will be eligible for removal.
  • Asking the customer to take the review down – if the review complies with Amazon guidelines, you can try apologizing and offering compensation for their bad experience. You should always be friendly and apologetic when speaking to customers.


If this doesn’t work, try commenting on their review with an apology and promise to rectify the issue. If you do this, other potential customers won’t be as deterred by the negative review.

How Do You Get More Positive Feedback On Amazon?

An excellent way to protect yourself from negative feedback affecting your sales on Amazon, you should make sure that the positive feedback on your pages outweighs the negative.


You can get more positive feedback on Amazon by asking customers for reviews. You can invite customers to review your product via automated emails or packaging slips with a message from the seller.


Packaging slips are less likely to encourage reviews as it requires them to access your seller page manually, but they add a personal touch to your packaging with a message about your brand and what makes your products unique.

What Are The Consequences Of Negative Feedback On Amazon?

Negative feedback on your seller account or product pages will deter potential buyers. The reviews section is where your customers will go to determine whether your product is worth buying.


If the feedback is overwhelmingly negative, potential customers will think twice about buying your products. This is why it is important to encourage positive reviews.


Customers are more likely to go out of their way to leave a negative review than a positive one, so it’s important to encourage positive feedback.


Every Amazon seller will likely come across a poor review while selling on Amazon.


Initial steps must be taken regarding the quality of your products and the efficiency of your shipping so that you can avoid receiving negative reviews.


If your product then received negative feedback, you should ask Amazon to remove it, stating why it violates the feedback guidelines set by Amazon, or you should appeal to the customer and see if they will take it down.


If you take these steps, you will be prioritizing your seller performance and changing how potential customers perceive your brand.


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