We’ve taken a stab at answering most of the questions a first-time user might have below.  If there’s something we’ve missed or for anything else, please reach out to us through social media or by e-mailing [email protected]. To save you some time, check out our help page to know more. It may help before reaching out to us.

Frequently Asked Questions
 What do I need to become an affiliate?
Nothing! While it helps to have a web site, one is not necessary to become a Coshipper affiliate. If you do not have a web site, you can promote your affiliate link via Internet forums, newsletters, and to your friends, family, and business associates.
When can I get started?
Immediately! Simply complete the online registration form and your application will be reviewed within 24 hours. Once approved, you can begin Promoting Coshipper.


How much does it cost to join?
Nothing! When you successfully registered you can start promoting Coshipper and earn money into your affiliate account!


 What is an affiliate link?


Can I promote my affiliate link on more than one web site?
Yes, you can promote your affiliate link on more than one web site. If you need to receive separate checks or need separate payee names, you need to sign up for more than one affiliate account.


How do I set up an affiliate account?
Setting up your own affiliate count takes only a couple of minutes. Simply read our terms and fill out our short application. You will be our affiliate immediately.


How much can I earn in commissions?
There is no limit to the amount that you can earn as a Coshipper affiliate. You can receive up to $50+ on every shipment commission if the accounts that bind to your affiliate account conduct an Shipment.


Is there a minimum number of sales I need to refer?
No! There is no minimum number of sales required to be a DomainIt affiliate. The more visitors you refer though, the better your chances of earning more commissions.


When will I be paid?
Your first affiliate commission check is sent when you have reached a minimum payout of $125. An affiliate Commission is being paid every end of the month


How will I be paid?
We currently offer Paypal Payment Payout.


In what currency am I paid?
Currently, all commissions are paid in $CAD dollars.


If a visitor comes back later to buy, do I still get a commission?
Yes! its recurring if the visitor that sign-ups with your affiliate custom link their account is already bind to your affiliate account!


How can I keep track of my sales and earnings?
You can log in your account here to navigate reports, settings, profile, payment email.